23 December 2011

Snowman and bullfinch

Snowman and bullfinch. Card Size: 13.4 cm x 10.5 cm.
Cute Christmas card "Snowman and bullfinch" brighten the mood of each has been given for Christmas. Details of card embroidered on cream Aida.I used two types of paper: cardboard and mulberry paper.

21 December 2011


The bookmark size 7 x 18 cm. Cream Aida.
I want to show you beautiful bookmark. I had cross-stitched my favorits flowers Orchids on it. The pattern I found in J. Greenoff book "Fabulous Flowers". In the end of the bookmark I had sewed green ribbon, which become as symbol of the stem of that three Orchids. 
The bookmark size 7 x 18 cm. Cream Aida.

14 December 2011


I continue to make of Christmas cards. This time I want to show a lively and harp playing angel, embroidered on the cream Aida.
Angel. Design size 9 x 9 cm.  Card size 14 x 13 cm

07 December 2011


Angel. Design size 8 x 12 cm.  Card size 15 x 16,5 cm
This beautiful Card it's perfect present for everyone! The colorful and smiling angel will brighten the mood for  everyone, who will taken it for Christmas.

Christmas Card

Christmas tree size 8,5 x 5 cm. Card size11,5 x 9 cm.
Let's not forget to congratulate your family and friends with probably the most beautiful holiday - Christmas! This time I had embroidered Christmas tree.
I used for card the white paper. Christmas tree is embroidered on Cream Aida.